Bought one of these at a woot event a while back. We love it. It works well, and it doesn’t act like a spastic vacuum with hyperactivity issues like that other brand. I have no complaints except it never fetches my drink for me. Perhaps the company can work on that?


I have owned a couple of these - completely wore one out. I have a 2 1/2 story home containing 2 adults, 4 kids and 2 hairy dogs. This little Scooba helps me keep up with all the mess. I have to say that with all the dog hair I have to vacuum before using the Scooba as it will clog it up, but I have an Roomba vacuum as well. Great products - love them all!!!


I’ve had two Neato’s in one year. Glad to see others have had success with these, but Neato replaced the first one. The second was just a month out of warranty. No they do not extend the warranty when replaced and yes they charge you a steep shipping and processing fee. If you want to, go ahead and waste your $$$. The cause was the cheap rubber band they use to turn the “eye” to map the room. In both units it broke in about 6 months. Seriously, a 10 cent part causes so much frustration. They could fix this problem by making the eye direct drive.