Clean Your Floors Fangs-tidiously

I have a Shark Lift Around (the model with all the extras) and it’s a great vacuum - lots of power. If you have allergies, the sealed system works well - no dust gets put back in the air. I would buy again if I needed one.
Best vacuum I’ve had and a lot less $ than some other name brands!

Exactly the item I was hoping the one comment was about! Thank you for the feedback; I’m gonna give this a try. :slight_smile:

This is the basic model, without floor attachment or wheeled caddy. You can buy them separately, but I have the model (LA400) that has everything included. Look at the reviews and prices on Amazon.

Does anyone know if this has the Straight Suction Nozzle ?

Which item?

It seems as though that Rug Doctor is an older model. Yesno? How does that compare to the new one that’s out. I’m contemplating purchasing it.

I was asking about the Shark Lift Around Portable vacuum. Sorry.

Per the specs, it comes with:

Upholstery brush
Crevice tool
Dusting brush

I found this image on Walmart that might be them:


That’s them! I just had mine delivered yesterday. It’s a bit heavy for strapping on your back, but then I’m a weakling. Did a great job cleaning my fan blades and the crevice tool sucked up the dust and bits of cat food on the edges of the kitchen floor that my broom or little rechargeable vac always seem to miss. The cord is long enough that I can plug it in the living room and it’ll reach all the bits of my large one-bedroom apartment.

After suffering with 2 Hoover & 2 Bissel carpet cleaners, I finally sprung the extra bucks for a Rug Doctor from Woot. Wow! The machine was less expensive than any other outlet and it arrived within 3 days! The Rug Doctor is built to last and does a FANTASTIC job cleaning the rugs. Don’t waste your money on any of the cheap carpet cleaners, you’ll be frustrated and you’ll spend most of your time changing belts!