Clean Yourself Up!

Every time that polishing serum comes up with a 0% discount it makes me wonder who is buying it here. Is it just people who already have free shipping unlocked? Or is the product discontinued and hard to find?

Anyone know if the Sea Salt Scrub can also be used on the face?

Anybody got a perspective on the straightener?

Great flat irons - but I confirmed with GHD that warranty is only available if purchased through authorized seller. They said is NOT authorized!! If it breaks - too bad, but they are the best as long as they work! And great price too!

Our buyers contacted the supplier regarding this. They’ve confirmed that warranties on your Woot GHD purchase will be honored.

If you have any difficulty with GHD honoring your warranty, please contact

Just chirping in to say I was unimpressed with the “regenerated cotton towels.” I thought they seemed like a great bargain ($27 for a supposedly $90 item) and I liked the color (the light green ones) for my bathroom color-scheme. The color does not disappoint. But the towels are not that soft and not that large (for those that like cushy towels). To be honest, the upper-level towels at Target are better (bigger and softer). But if you want a basic set of 6 towels for $27, go right ahead. Just don’t expect $90 quality.

Been waiting for the scale since last time it was offered. Apparently I’ll be waiting again. :frowning:

So any input on the shower head?

Usually just water :smiley:

Same as the output.

ROFL. You win the Internet today.

The retail price isn’t $5, it’s $41.25; but it’s easily found for about $20 -$25:

It works really well on my long, fine hair. It adds shine and smooths the more recalcitrant ends. If static electricity is an issue, this is a good fix. Unlike 90% of similar products, it doesn’t make my hair look greasy. I’d give it four out of a possible five wootz - the only drawback is the scent. Although it’s pleasant enough, light and clean-smelling, it doesn’t dissipate. I’d prefer something that didn’t compete at all with my perfume.

I have the Dream Shower and I installed it by my little ol’ self yesterday. Was a little confusing at first but I finally figured it out. The water pressure from the unit is awesome. I like that I can take a shower without getting my hair wet using the shower bar mount. I would say this shower is worth every penny I spent on it. I’t is a very great deal.

That’s the exact response I got from T3. I purchased the 3522 Mane Tamer model from woot back in October. It lasted a little over a month before it started to randomly shut off (which according to amazon is a prevalent issue). I decided to gamble anyway because of the warranty woot cites. No dice. is not an authorized reseller of T3 products. According to them this model is out of production as well, so I don’t know where this leaves me. 2 of my last 5 or 6 purchases just haven’t worked out here.