CleanCut Touchless Paper Towel Dispenser

This is clearly a product that everyone needs. After all, how can you go through life without a clean cut paper towel. I have have seen needs, wants and now an April Fools product offered in December.

Thank goodness. I hate touching paper towels.

somebody smart add this up. How many times could you just pull an extra sheet before you paid for this. Assuming you use the most premium papertowels.

Ha! I was thinking the same thing and then I just saw two rolls of paper towels at Stop&Shop for $8.99 (didn’t buy)!!! So, it might just add up quickly. I bought 12 rolls at shopright (Brawny) for the same price.

So lets assume you buy a random Bounty set. I found a 6 pack of 130 sheet rolls for 26.37 which is 4.40 per roll. If you used a roll a day at a constant rate throughout the year, but when using this device you save half of that, you will be saving $2.20 per day, so you pay this baby off in just over a month…

They’re kidding, aren’t they? If you really need perfectly sized paper towels, you need a pair of scissors and a ruler. How gullible do they think we are? ( Hmm…I think I bought a water rehydrater once).

Who uses a roll a day though, seriously? My Mom uses them quite often since she washes her hands a lot and her dishes any time there is a dirty one and probably uses more towels than a family with four kids. But even she only uses a roll maybe every 2 days and she buys in bulk so they cost her around $15 for 10.

It would take ~106.66 days to recoup the money and that doesn’t include the vampire current this thing is constantly sucking.

I’m pretty sure the premise of this device isn’t to save money but to allow you to get a paper towel of whatever length you want w/out having to touch the paper towel (thus contaminating it if you’ve been handling raw meat, etc) and to not have to the one handed rip technique that occasionally results in 20+ sheets all over the kitchen.

Now, that was a quality post!! That makes a lot of sense and they should use that as a selling point! You’ve made me at least THINK about purchasing this silly item!OOPS- I take that back- I just saw the price!! $7.99 + shipping would be more convincing- but $79.99+ shipping- never mind!!

I tucked my hair up under my hat and I went in to ask him why.

Now I can get that impersonal Wal-mart Restroom feel in my own home!

He said you look like a fine outstanding young man, I think you’ll do

You paid how much for Bounty? Holy crap…are you living in Antartica (or maybe just New York City)? I would hate to see your property taxes. As far as a the dispenser thing goes, ummmm, no.


I can only imagine that MEN would be stupid enough to be buying this thinking they found the perfect gift for their wives for Xmas.

As a woman, I’m warning you - DON’T YOU DARE! If you want to live to see 2012 you don’t want to give this as a gift to a woman otherwise you may find some balls below the xmas tree, and they may not be the ornaments that fell off!

You’ve been warned!

Ditto the comments above, this is very handy in the kitchen if you handle raw meat/eggs but for $79.99 they should be throwing in the touch-less faucet and auto soap dispenser (and offering the auto-flush toilet sensor on deals.woot)!

Actually, they do use it as a selling point. It’s right in the video infomercial. It’s really the main point and even I didn’t mention it in my own previous post.