Cleaners and Cases

If the guys working at the range weren’t leaning on their brooms and collecting brass as fast as it hits the floor, I’d be all over the cleaners. I hate paying $.30-$.40 per round when plinking, paying for a lane, paying for targets and giving up my brass too. I load 300 rounds at home just so I don’t spend range time speed-loading now.

Can this be used to clean jewelry?

I poked around on a few sites that offer the Frankford Arsenal Sonic Cleaners, and I didn’t find anything that stated one way or the other on using it to clean jewelry. I’d recommend contacting Frankford Arsenal directly, they can probably provide a solid answer.

A review on amazon said that it did a good job of cleaning jewelry. Apparently you can also clean gun parts with it, so seems like it’s good to go.

I have the opposite problem. I usually end up with 3-4x the brass that I fired!!! I guess the range officers where I shoot are lazy.

I looked at the manual on their site and found this:

Hope that helps.

I have a small ultrasonic cleaner (not one of these specifically) and they work for cleaning all sorts of small items, not just firearms parts and casings.

Word of caution – do not use these to clean your eyeglasses. Your glasses will come out beautifully clean, but it will also remove the coatings on the lenses. If you want to clean eyeglasses frames, remove the lenses first.

from the above manual;

"DO NOT use the EZ Sonic Brass Cleaning Solution on non-brass items because it could harm the finish of those items.

If you wish to clean jewelry or other valuable items, make sure the tank and basket are very clean and only use distilled water as cleaning solutions could damage the finish of your items. Remember to always read the directions and mixture ratios of EACH cleaning solution you are going to use."

reviews at midway;