CleanKey by KeySmart Brass Hand Tool

CleanKey by KeySmart Brass Hand Tool

great single brass knuckle too.

pencil or retracted pen or stylus screen pointer( 10 for $5) would probably do the same thing, not sure I am comfortable with brass on a touch screen.

Brass is self-sterilizing, which makes it a better material than what most other pocket tools are made of, and the hook is useful for some ‘pull’ door handles.

I’m not sure about potential screen damage–brass is also used for cleaning brushes and such since it is a soft metal and will not scratch harder metals… Any screen you personally own and use aren’t really the intended use, and many checkout screens are already scratched by the communal stylists.

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The only route is to use this as a bottle opener for a self sterilizing brass monkey!


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I’m confused. What exactly does woot mean with the two different quantity drop down menus?

You can get 1 for $19.99, a 3-pack for $36.99 ($12.33 each), or a 5-pack for $36.99($7.38 each). The second drop down is how many you want of those three choices. If you select a 1-pack, and select 3 of them, you’ll get 3 1-packs for $19.99 each.

Don’t think any business would be pleased seeing this used on their touchscreens.

Family sent one they got for $1 at Mennards …it was several months ago.