CleanKey by KeySmart Brass Hand Tool

CleanKey by KeySmart Brass Hand Tool

Either this, or a little hand sanitizer, which is not in short supply any more.

These must be fancy because I saw the same thing at 7-Eleven for like $5


The fidget spinner of the pandemic Era.


$20… oof. <- copper/zinc 2 pack, $13; 3 pack is still cheaper at $17. Coupon codes are available too.

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This is ridiculous, right? It’s not just me? If this really sells for $20-$50, I’m going to get a big sheet of metal and cut out the basic shape and undercut them at $15 and see if I can get rich.

Seriously, though, I haven’t read the specific details but this is just a chunk of metal. I’m sure there are some grandiose claims - maybe it’s a super special type of metal, or how great it is that it can activate touch screens, or the super ergonomic grip or the amazing and precisely engineered shape that lets it so 50 different things… but it’s a piece of metal being marketed as more than just a piece of metal. I am 90% sure that whoever makes this absolutely did so saying to themselves, “hell, let’s see how many of these things I can sell” because they probably cost close to nothing to manufacture, especially in bulk, and selling just a few at $20-$50 probably has them breaking even already.

It was good for a laugh, though. Honestly, it really frustrates me when I see shit like this that is actually selling; not because it seems like such a blatant ploy, but because people are actually making money off of dumb shit like this, possibly a significant amount of money, and I need moneys. Why the hell didn’t I just make some dumb shape out of metal and embellish the shit out of it in advertisements to make it seem like the must-have item of the season?

Hey, if people find it interesting/enticing and the guy gets away with it and makes a profit, more power to him - capitalism is capitalism, buy it does slightly iirk me to see it reference the pandemic and act as if this is some sort of deterrent that is going to keep you safer than you’d be otherwise. That’s going a bit too far and is in very poor taste, and any time somebody does that there’s at least one person out there that thinks because they’ve got this GREAT NEW PIECE OF METAL!!! that they don’t have to wash their hands as much or something. People need tosop talking about how much safer their gimmick products will keep you during the pandemic, it’s kind of shitty to do, but if you’re going to do it at the very least please include a line underneath saying something like “following CDC and general health guidelines is still important, this is not a replacement for good hygiene, frequent hand washing, etc.” I know it seems like common sense, but you’d be surprised… and, while I mean no offense to anybody that’s bought one of these, I’d kinda assume anybody dropping $50 for one of these might not be at the top of the “common sense” totem pole.

Sorry for dumping all over this listing, I’ve been working all night (and day, I just realized it’s not 1:30pm the next day, christ) and tend to go on long rants and get a little internet-ADHD when i haven’t slept and am deliriously tired. At the end of the day, if this looks interesting to you who am I to tell you otherwise? You do you, you GET that piece of metal cut into a shape that you can touch stuff with, you GO girl.


“Brass” is part of the product’s title.

Copper, brass, bronze, and other copper alloys are said to have antiviral properties.

Got ours from Mennards for $1 several months ago.

Yeah, you can find many similar items on the mother ship for much less. 70% Copper 30% Zinc is the same as 260 Brass Alloy.

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Charging even $9.99 for these is questionable. Hope the buyers of these see a much deserved refund, if they were willing to pay these prices.

The item works well. But, it’s a $4.99 or $5.99 product, max. Maybe throw them in as a free item to Prime members who make $65 or $75 purchases? Just a thought…

LOL yes this is special brass, their buyers travel the world looking for only the highest quality brass