Cleanliness Is Next To Sharkliness

The Sonic Duo is an amazing machine! It works like nobody’s business, and does both hard floors and carpet with minimal effort and low noise. Yes! It’s a quiet machine (so your spouse can watch football while you clean the beer out of the carpet…)
Great Buy!

This deal is not that good, it has great reviews though, but Amazon has it for $159.95 brand new with a two year warranty (according to the description). 90 Woot warranty only, the 2 year Squaretrade warranty is $29.99, your only getting it for $5.96 less than Amazon if you buy the warranty.

Bought the NV501 about a month ago when it was on woot and the vacuum works really good, has excellent suction. My only complaint is that I did not get all the tools it is advertised as coming with. Only got the pet brush and crevice tool, Did not get the dusting brush, extra straight suction floor nozzle and multi angle dusting brush.