Cleanwaste Pee Wee® Unisex Urine Bag – 3 Pack

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Cleanwaste Pee Wee? Unisex Urine Bag - 3 Pack
$1.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Looks like theres gonna be some bags of piss…


well, this just pisses me off.

what a pisser.


What the…

what? really?


This has to be the strangest thing I’ve ever seen during a woot-off

Oh lawdy. Are these for those non-stop gaming sessions since MW3 just came out?

Woot the fugue???

what in the world…?

So instead of a bag of c r a p you get a bag of … right.

If the BOC hadn’t already came, I would insist that the BOC would be up next.

what the hell!?

This is why we love woot! off’s!

Last time we got male enhancement pills too!


what? i dont even…

Wow - just wow.