Clear As Glass(es)

Those are some expensive Triton plastic stemless “glasses”.

I think that the picture of these Burgundy Schott Zwiesel Tritan Congresso is wrong: that looks more like the Bourdeaux rather than the Burgundy (which is larger at the base). If it is the Bourdeaux, I’m in for 6! Someone can please double check it?

Update: You are correct! New images have been added to that sale. Thanks for pointing it out. (PS: The description was correct.)

Was really hoping for some Luigi Bormioli glasses, that’s a fine woot.

Schott Zwiesel makes really excellent glassware. Their claims of sturdier glass have really proven true, in my experience. Plus the lip of the glass is thin, which I like, and the designs are elegant.

Haven’t checked the prices (since I don’t need any more wine glasses), but if the price is good compared to other places online and you’re looking for wine glasses, this may be a great choice.