Clear payment - *update All Received

hi everyone, does anyone have the same problem with me? I’m a new artist, I’m confused about artist payment here. I have a sale from April-June, and until now I have not received anything from that sale.

I have filled out the conditions for international artists, and I’m confused. please help me


Hi @agaena, I will reach out to you via email.

Hi @Lady5tark, I have the same problem.
I sent an email to artistpayments(at) few minutes ago. Can you help me too?


yes, please help me resolve this @Lady5tark

I already sent an email to artistpayment amazon but still not respond @Lady5tark

Can you message me your issue?

Payment not received. Can I send you the email?

hi, i just replay your mail

hi, you have solution?

i still dont solution for my case :frowning:

HI, For artistpayment(at) You can’t see my email? I sent your message 1 month ago, and 1 week ago and still haven’t answered? they say they have sent money to my bank, but it’s strange that I don’t receive anything, and banks in my country have never refused wire transfers from anywhere.

will I lose this payment? if yes? I’d better stop here, because this month I made thousands of sales, if it’s in vain, I give up!!!.

this not simple case, because other site if send mail about payment 2x24 hours they can respond it, but i feel different for this site, they dont see problem and busy!!!

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Hi there. Please be patient. It can take a while to work these things out. It’s also after business hours here.


Any reply yet

me too, i hope can resolve this problem

I am helping you to resolve this. We have exchanged emails. You emailed me 4 times overnight, I sleep, and work during the day, its going to take some time to figure it out.

hi, I mean, there is no solution my friend, please help me get out of this

i sent message to your email again @Lady5tark

I know I’ve received it, I need time to look into it on my end.

I’ve emailed you.

yes, thank you