Clear The Shelf: Random Computer Stuff

Clear The Shelf: Random Computer Stuff

Gah!! Missed another one!



BitWarden froze during login.

By the time my info loaded, it sold out.

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Hmm this is intriguing but a lot of money but knowing at all if I’ll need it…

Very tempting…

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So tempted, but that is lot of scratch.

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I’d consider doing a $50 one, but I can’t really justify spending $200 on a gamble

I told myself I was going to do this “clear the shelf” thing next time it was offered, but at $200 I had to pass.

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The temptation is REAL. I don’t need anything on this list though lmao.

Gotta love the app never keeping me logged in for checkout…


I think it broke? Everything shows as available but my sale won’t go through

Haha. No.

app shows it as available… but can’t complete checkout… :frowning:


Seems the same here. Not the usual sold out behavior…

yeah, usually it warns you that your cart is out of stock or at least lets you get to the vestibule

If I were to get this, and I got a certain product brand, I’d consider the money TOTALLY wasted.

HP… yeah i agree

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Different brand, but sure…


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Yeah this sell out that quick or just broken link?

You need some more boxes?

Add to cart - can’t buy