Clear View Extra Tall Pet Gate

I have one of these gates I bought on Woot a few months ago–I think the cost was around $20 then. Not a good buy. It never stayed locked in place very securely–the cutouts where the bar fits are too shallow and it takes just a fingertip to pop the lock open. Yes, I could have made the one I use deeper, but you shouldn’t have to modify a basic function of a brand new item. Overall it’s flimsy. My dog was pushing on it the other day (large dog, admittedly) and one of the plastic panels came partly out, and it’s now inoperable. I may be able to reassemble but I’m not sure it’s worth the bother.

Main thing is, this is not a gate you can count on if it’s really important to keep a child or a pet out of an area. Please, NEVER use to keep a child from a stairway.

I got mine January 20, 2015 for $19.99 (plus the $5 for shipping). It does what I need it to do (keeps my dogs in the tiled areas and away from the carpet when I’m not home) but I do agree with feliphilia. Push comes to shove, I think my 90lb dog could bash it down, if he were so inclined. Then again, at a little over 10 years old, he’s probably only going to attempt it if he sees someone coming in the main entry (since the gate faces that way) or if he got really excited. Regardless, it at least acts as enough of a barrier so that he’s not as inclined so and I’ve yet to had issues with him trying to get over or through it (my other dog is a Corgi so I’m not too worried about her). I will say that the handle bar setup to lock it into place is a little annoying (thinking of trying to tape it down to the setting I like, just so it won’t keep sliding down and I have to reslide it up all the time) and there’s some small marks already on the wood. All in all, for $9.99, it might be worth it to pick up if you just need a deterrent but not necessarily a sure thing. Otherwise, check Craigslist to see if you can get a plastic one or Woot has some nice metal ones from time to time (got one of those for another entry, works awesome because the cats can go through! …granted, so can my Corgi, lol) that might work better.

For under $10, I’m in for three of them. Our dogs are tall, but they’re sissies. We just need something that they can’t jump over.