clear2go Applica Sport Water Bottle with Filter

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clear2go Applica Sport Water Bottle with Filter
$2.49 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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These are not the water bottles I am looking for. Please try again.

Are these Bear Grylls approved?

this thing is frican cool looking…what is it? lmao

Does anyone know how well these would work for backpacking, or are the filters low quality?

Do you fill the bottle and then it filters as you drink or does it filter as you fill the bottle. I don’t know if I want that whole filter in there taking up space where more water could go.

Got a two pack of these last time they were on woot. I have yet to recieve them…

If you put filtered water in these, nothing comes out.

How hard is it find replacement filters and how much do they cost?

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bring on the sub $5 crap for people to blow the monies on. So how hard are filter replacements to find?

You know there seems something a little wrong with me sitting here on my day off watching “Let’s Make A Deal” and the Woot-Off at the same time.

Replacement filters cost more than the bottles (at Woot prices) - but not by as much as I’d thought.

i had one and lost it, the filters screw off and cost about 11$ for a 2 pack

These are tap filters, not survival filters.

I’d be in for 2 or 3, but 24 oz is just too small for me. I need an all-day bottle.

$10-20 on amazon. Reviews are pretty good, odd complaints like over-tightening issues, and hard to open with teeth (?)

Took a little looking but I found them online for $12 for a 2-pack of replacement filters. 2 pack filters 11$

How does the water taste? Does anyone know how it compares with Britta? Have a Britta and looking for more for the fam. Would buy these if I knew if the water tastes good.