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Clear2O Water Filtration Pitcher – 2 Pack [New] - $14.99 + $5 shipping

2 * Applica Clear2O 72oz Water Filtration Pitcher - CWS100AW

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The manufacturer’s website.

Are you kidding? I just got a gigantic Pur fridge tank for my apartment at school.

Cool, this will go great with that pod coffee maker I bought off of woot that no longer has a vendor for refills!

So, how much are the replacement filters, and is this better than the Brita pitcher I already have?

These are really good filter pitchers. We’ve had one for 2 years and it’s quick to fill, not like the others that take for damn ever.

How easy is it to get replacement filters, and how expensive are they?

How good is the faucet connection? I know on some cheaper connections they leak.

how many months does the water filtration last before i have to change the filter? since i wont use 88+ refills

Are these two separate package pitchers or two in the same box? If it’s two separate packages, then it would make a few great cheap gifts.

Okay, definitely a weird woot.

Interestingly though, I was off to the store to buy one and they were out. Guess now I’ll get two…

Thank God it gets the Hexachlorocyclopentadiene out. I was concerned!

Pass on these, and get yourself a Berkey Water Purification System. Do a google search if you want to know more.

like the first thing on woot in 2 months i actually want. how good is the filtration?

So 88 refills, not bad. But how do you keep track of them? I would hate be on my 89th refill and not know it, you know…

amazon has them, usually $25-$30 for 3 with shipping

Good price…normally $25 for one.

did I miss the micron size it filters?

The filters are easy to replace, just twist and pull out, reverse to place in. They don’t cost that much either, on par with pur and sometimes cheaper.