Clear2O Water Filtration Pitcher – 2 Pack

This is just freaking awesome…

FAIL! Woot Info Post, you’re my only friend.

Clear2O Water Filtration Pitcher – 2 Pack [New] - $9.99 + $5 shipping shipping

2 * Applica Clear2O 72oz Water Filtration Pitcher - CWS100AW

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That’s a funny lookin’ monkey, right there.

… and we’re back to the top of the order.

No, I want it over, I want it done, it’s hot in the office…make it stop, bring on the monkeys!

good luck getting this to fit your sink without buying another adapter mine didnt fit with the included adapter



anyone have any coupon codes left?

Great deal…if you don’t already have water filters in house.

Do they use charcoal or some other strange form of filtration?

For anyone looking for a useful item, here you go. These things work wonders for people who like to drink water.

It says 72oz which is good, because I was definitely hoping they were bigger than they looked… otherwise they’d be completely useless… unless it’s to quench the thirst of a rabbit or termite or something.

big sigh

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Well, I do need to drink more water…

I got these on a past Wooting, they didn’t fit my sink so I ended up giving both of them away as gifts. Hopefully, they had more luck with them than I did.

I need to go nighty night,BUT!!!I need my Monkey fix!!!