Clear2O Water Filtration Pitcher

mmm…no thank you…filters much


I have one of these. Absolute garbage, albeit a good doorstop.

Have one, sucks donkey cheeks

Some more info


I have one of these, they are excellent at getting rid of the nasty taste our Phoenix water has. The filters last me several months and I drink a lot of water. I’m very happy with the 2 I got on Woot about 6 months ago!

Works well, noisy, needs a sink attachment that may or may not work. Decent price as well. I got two when they last carried them.

It fills in 38 seconds… pretty quick

I got these the last time 2 for 14.99 so this is actually more expensive… and they’re a pain in the butt!

The Amazon Reviews indicate that the product is pretty good too:

Especially at 26.99 a piece.

Bought two of them previously on Woot! I love them. You have to change the aerator on your faucet (easily done) and then it works great!

Here we go again!

This is being woot-offed for a reason… Stay away from this leak prone hassle………. sorry woot. I love you, but I must be honest.

These things rock. If you have craptastic water they remove everythign. I have a whole house filter and sometimes even that leaves swampy water cuz minneapolis water sucks a lot of the time.

The onyl Drawback is the fill tube is a tad short. I’m actually working on a new design with that company.

carp, just missed it.

does this work with a Mac?

I got two of these on Woot awhile ago.

So not worth it. They’re annoying to use if you have a small sink (which I do). I bet they’d be fine if you have a large enough sink or a facet with a hose, if it’ll work on that.

Hmmm Thanks But No Thanks…Hey If You Say Woot Do you Get (1) Woot?