Clear2O Water Filtration Pitcher

Crystal > this.

Will this filter my Holy water?

screw you guys, i’m going to bed

Only if it comes out of a faucet.

oooh! easy fill hose great now i never have to wash the dishes in the sink!

buy 3 and save $ on filters. $19.97 for 3 is a great buy.

Been using it for over a year now. Good buy and water tastes way better post-filtration

Yes, but why drink that stuff? It’s much better used other ways…

Wow, Ani Difranco lyrics from the 90’s. I am impressed. Now i will have that song in my head all night.

Crap that was fast! I was gonna go for 3. I bought a two-pack months ago and I love 'em. They make my nasty Phoenix water very drinkable. The 3-pack of filters cost about $20 though, so this was a great deal!

You spelled “trihalomethanes” wrong.

damnit I just finished reading the Amazon reviews and I decided to buy. Oh well. So far the stock seems really low on these items.

Here it is on Amazon: Reviews and a $.04 saving!


great product ! just designed all wrong. the connector should be metal not plastic.