Clearance: Dumping Out Our Summer Crap

The stainless Cuisinart ice cream maker is a great deal. It is like $90 at bed bath and beyond. I got the 1.5 quart version and LOVE it.

This is a great price on the Cuisinart ice cream maker. I use it for frozen yogurt that is a bit healthier than the good stuff!

Ice cream maker gets pretty glowing reviews on Amazon:

you call that clearance? pishtaw.

Maybe call it a sale, because clearance prices they are not.


Now that I have your attention…those OGGI 68-ounce party pitchers with ice tube that you’re “clearing out” at $14.99?

They’re over at for $7.99.

The B & D 18 inch fan is crap. I paid $4 or $5 more to Woot when I bought two here, fooled by the stated retail price of $79+. I felt cheated when I discovered the small amount of air these pieces of plastic junk moved. For $10-15 more you can buy a far more powerful, sturdy, and well-built competing fan when they are on sale at Lowe’s or Home Depot.
Woot is not what it once was…inexpersive prices…honesty…excitement…have been replaced by poor “deals”…“fool’em marketing”…and a ho-hum site.
(Oh, while it appears that Woot is now used as Amazon’s dumping ground, I find it ironc that sometimes i can find the same products for less on Amazon itself.)

EDIT: Please note…as of 8/28…80+ quality posts for me and closer to 1000 than 500 purchases compared to the 10-24 purchases “fan-boy” positive review with ZERO quality posts which follow. Dubious credibility…B & D tie-in??

The Black & Decker BDHT5016 16 " High Velocity Fan rocks. Bought one some Woots back. Its about the size of an average box fan but it puts out some serious air. We use ours to assist our window unit in our bedroom. If there are any left on pay day, I will be buying another.

Did you put it on high? Seriously? Mine I can still feel rushing air clear across my room.

Just got my pizza stone from the regular home woot a few weeks ago. It was packaged perfectly- so well that I had trouble getting it out of the super secure packaging!!!

There’s that cursing Woot monkey again.

I’ve now made pizza twice with the EH Flame Pizza stone (3 pizza total.)

I’m not sure if I would ever pay full price for it, but I certainly feel it was worth the $24 ($29) I paid for it here.

The crust is certainly better than with a Cuisinart pizza pan (which I honestly like the best of all the other pizza pans I’ve tried).

I ordered a pizza stone. Now I need a recipe for pizza sauce. Does anyone have a good recipe?

Sure did. The B & D “high” is equivalent to “just above low” on a Patton or even Home Depot store brand fan of similar size.

So, Howdy Third World Manufacturing! Not only have tens of millions of Americans lost their jobs thanks to such outsourcing but American consumers have to contend with crappy substitute products.

I called B & D and they acknowledged that they had had quite a number of complaint calls registering disappointment in the model not living up to purchasers’ expectatons.

This is not an $80 fan as represented. It is a $15-19 fan in terms of performance.

Well I was looking at the “NewAir AIC-220 1.5 Quart Commercial Grade Ice Cream & Sorbet Maker” and that seems to be a “clearance” price. Best I can find elsewhere is $230.

Does anyone have any feedback on this unit? I definitely am interested in an ice cream maker with a compressor/peltier cooling unit. I have never had luck with the freeze-a-cup type units.

Stay away from the ECO 2 GO stuff. I bought the 20oz cups last time I saw them on woot and all but one of them broke. They say you can freeze them ( even have a sticker on them that says Freeze me ) but after freezing them the cups fall apart. I had 3 of them shatter when i put cold water in them. 2 of them separated so the outside shell fell off while I was drinkin and got the freezer gell all over the place ( had not frozen them having learned my lesson )

I bought one as well. It put out great air —UNTIL–it got knocked over by accident.

It totally fell to pieces. It didn’t fall off a table…it got tumped over.

Lasted about a week. Q_Q

People really do think they are entitled to something, especially when they see the word, “clearance.”

By the way, is clearance not what sellout.woot is all about?

Crap is correct…
The ice ream maker started to groan and smell like burning brakes half way through making the ice cream. I suspect the rebuilding was done on a Friday afternoon. Very disappointed, as it has wonderful reviews.

fast easy and cheap…
1 can of diced Italian tomatoes with basil. (I use Fred Meyer’s store brand)
1/4 tsp (a splash) of olive oil
1/s tsp basil chopped fine or 1/4 tsp dried basil
garlic to taste. pepper to taste

Blend till almost smooth, dump it into a pot, LOW simmer 20 minutes to a half hour.