Clearview HD Tech 360° Rotating HDTV Amplified Antenna

I am confused, It looks the same as the Polaroid AMA-1850P that has been posted a few times recently. Different company, but same design, so same pictures?

I just need a better explanation of how it gets power through the coax cable

Per the vendor: Yes it is a similar antenna, and a different brand

I have had 2 of these and gotten bunches of my friends into them too. They are some of the most cost effective antenna’s I have had the pleasure to deal with. Top rail of a chain link fence is all you need to get them above your roofline and poof. The way they get power through a coax is it comes through their adapter and goes straight to the rotor on top of the unit. The power is only active when you are turning it which can be done with a remote. Once you stop turning it, the power is gone from the coax and it begins to run normally. At least in the ones I have fooled with are. I think it is a perfect way to get TV without having to pay for someone else’s franchise fees. In my little po-dunk area there are 20+ channels. Few repeats but they are high def. 20 bucks. What the heck!

You have 2 of these, meaning that you have an antenna for each tv?
We have a central coax spot in our basement to go to all the rooms in the house via coax. Would 1 antenna run 4 tvs on different channels?

You should be able to hook up a single antenna to a house-system splitter with no problems. The real question that brings up is whether or not this thing is omnidirectional or if it has to be rotated to pick up specific channels. If you have to have it aimed at the transmitter then that might cause issues if one TV is tuned to a channel that is, say, 90 degrees off from the direction the antenna is pointing for a different TV’s channel.

Sorry for the confusion there about me having two. I should have said I got two of these. I installed one on my house and then in a whole 'nother city, I put one on my parent’s house. Thanks for the opportunity to let me correct the record for both of you!

Pardon my ignorance but this is all new to me.

I moved into a new house and it has cable wired throughout. Could I mount this on my roof or in my attic and then tie this into the cable that has been installed and thereby have my antenna reception throughout my house?

How does power get to the coax?

Does the antenna have to be pointed in the direction of the broadcast antenna for each station?

Thanks for whatever help you can provide.

For all who have asked.
The antenna is not omni direction that is why it rotates.
To connect to additional tvs there is a second connection on the power box which you can connect a splitter to run multiple sets.

I can’t figure out how to hook this up. It has a box that pugs in to power, with a coax coming out of it. There is also a coax coming out of the antenna which is 50’ long. Connecting this cable to the box input does not allow the remote to function. What am I missing? The instructions are not detailed at all.

I’m really sorry to hear that! I hope another Wooter will be kind enough to help you out.

You may also want to see if there are any installation videos on Youtube.