Clearview HD Tech 360° Rotating HDTV Amplified Antenna

Hmm… this looks pretty Chintzy and the “super power light” is extra proof… However, it is similar enough to a laser death gun to keep me interested.

I wonder if I can hook this up in combination with my real antenna- an antennasdirect db8-e. Not sure if possible since this requires power. I was hoping that wireless rotator had some directional presets I could program. Or at least a display with degrees or cardinal direction. A lot to ask for the price… One can dream. Dang, there are a bunch of cool channels that are just out of my reach. -end rant

I’ve bought stuff on woot for years, pretty happy. But, I’d say most people who want antennas (that I know of) are nerds. Nerds do research. A quick search of this product yielded no results. The manufacturer doesn’t exist and the closest products to this range from $25-35, so this isn’t even a good deal after $5 shipping. I feel like woot is being totally dishonest in their $79.99 retail quote that seems to have come from thin air. At $10 I would have no problem trying it out. This is supposed to be a “deals site”, this makes me trust woot as a whole way less.

AVOID. I bought one of these on a different site. I could not pick up a single station from a distance of 20 miles. Also…the coax was so thin that the voltage drop when connecting to my existing coax was large enough to prevent the rotary motor from operating. Approximately 30 feet of thin coax comes permanently attached. You can not replace their thin coax with your own. Power to the rotary comes thru the coax from the included power supply.

By the way, complete assembly required. Mine didnt have very good instructions either.

I bought this last time it was offered on Woot. Received it, assembled it, installed it, tried to use it, removed it, dis-assembled it, put it back in box, put it on shelf in garage…

  1. Has very limited range.
  2. VERY thin coax permanently attached.
  3. No position feedback from rotor. You would have to be looking at the antenna to have any idea as to which direction it’s pointing.
  4. The antenna has to rotate completely one direction before reversing (no left and right)
  5. VERY lightweight construction.

My “rabbit ears” and tin foil do a better job. This is now just taking up space in the shed until I can pawn it off on someone at a yard sale.

I also find that my old rabbit ears do a better job than many of the so called “digital” antennas. This one was pretty good though (at least for me):

Really starting to get sick of all the crap. What happened to Woot over the years?..It used to be items comparable to black friday deals…deals you would look forward to and felt good about purchasing. It’s sad it has become a deal that is never in your favor…a fool’s gamble.

Amazon bought them.

Amazon uses it as a dumping ground to throw unwanted products because people will buy ANYTHING if you call it a deal.

We have our own team of buyers that looks for crap to sell. The Amazon “dumping ground” – which we actually pull, so not given --is Flash Deals.

Bought one. Installed with lousy directions. Works well. Really.