The yodeling must be great up there.

climbers take note

I wonder if Sylvester Stallone would be willing to start in this one, regardless of the fact he recognized the symbol or not.

Looks like he’s in a lot of Treble!


A bass clef is the true test for climbers. Far fewer holds to grab on to.

At least it wasn’t “Clefthanger” and had someone hanging off their chin :wink:

As a pianist, bungee jumper and street luger I LOVE this, but Why do you have to put it on that horrible grey shirt? That dappled colour brings out the sweat when you’re hot, and doesn’t look clean or cool!

Does Stallone star in this one too?

reminds me of The Great Bobinsky…

If he falls from that height, I imagine he’ll be quite flat.

It’s CLEFF! Two Fs. >(

That little man is reminiscent of Sylvester Stallone. Love it!

Don’t give up, Rocky (which is oddly appropriate given the scene)!!!

Your jib, I likes the cut of it. And this shirt is really, really clever.

That’s what I thought it said at first, and I was really curious to see how someone made a shirt related to that.

He seems to be playing in the key of D for danger.

This Christmas- The Transcriber: Attack of the Bass Clef

Poor guy is really in treble.

I bet I’m the tenth person to make that pun. Haha.

The real question is: What kind of mutant, zombie, rabid goats are those to have chased that strapping young lad up the clef? snicker

First sucker: frenchhornguy

How appropriate.