Cleveland CG16 Iron Set (RH or LH)


Good Review from About.Com

These are very nice irons, but if you’re unfamiliar with golf terminology there are a few things you might want to know about them:

  1. When they stamp the word “Tour” on golf equipment, it means something very specific. The “Tour” version of clubs are less forgiving, meant for better players who strike the ball in the center of the face consistantly. If that’s not you, owning the Tour version of any club will frustrate more than reward you. Get the non-Tour sticks.

  2. Pay attention to what the tester in the GolfGuru video says starting around 1:05. He takes the Black Pearl club “because the shaft is a bit more (matched to my swing)”. Shaft flex makes a HUGE difference in how any club plays. If you’re just getting into the game and don’t know your swing speed, it probably means “Regular” will best suit your needs (“Senior” if you’re a, yes, senior). Don’t be a hero and order “Stiff” unless you’re certain you need it.

  3. Newbies: get the 5-PW set and then buy individual 4 and 3 hybrids. Longer irons are notoriously hard to hit when you’re in the early stages of your game, and hybrids were made for people like you (and even for better players).

  4. Check out this quick vid and writeup comparing the Tour and non-Tour versions of this club done by Golf Magazine. It explains the very real differences quite well:

7.2 Hcp Tom :slight_smile:

Great information and very accurate. Thanks

Excellent info! I bought this (non-tour, stiff flex, black pearl) set several weeks ago and have played them multiple times since. Excellent clubs and a good deal, especially if you’re a casual player like myself.

Every player is different but I began seeing a significant gain in the distance on my shots with these clubs. Granted I was using an old, second/third-hand set of irons previously so YMMV.

As Sherpat notes - stay away from the “Tour” clubs unless you really know what you’re doing when you hit the course.

That was the most helpful woot forum post I’ve ever seen. Thank you sir.

Bought a set Aug 3rd along with some gloves. Apparently sent in same order. Says delivered but no clubs. Got the gloves. Where are the clubs?

That stinks! I’d suggest contacting Woot Member Services for further assistance. They can take a look at your order and see what’s going on. Be sure to include your order number and user ID for quicker service.

Also bought mine on the 3rd, but my order status still says “Shipping Now”… Maybe there’s some sort of delay?

And yes Woot, I realize it’s raining here and I wouldn’t be able to play them anyways, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t stalk the UPS guy until they arrive! Muhahaha!