Cleveland HiBore Titanium Driver



Manufacturer’s Info Page: link

$299 at most retail sites

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Froogle Link Minimum Price $249.93

Yahoo! Shopping Link Minimum Price $249.99

Shopzilla Link Minimum Price $249.93

Manufacturer Page


BizRate Pricing…$249 and up.

Shopzilla Pricing… $249 and up.

MSN Shopping Pricing…$269 and up.

MySimon Pricing… $270 and up.

Sprenzy Pricing… $270 and up.

… according to the hubby, this is a good club… and the woot is a slightly better deal than you’ll find anywhere else… so get it if you’re a righty… or… if you want an even better deal check out Drivers Under $150 on Shopzilla… some might not be as quality as others… but at least you have something to compare against other than the same product over and over… you know what i mean?


Righties only?


what about us LEFTY’s???


More pricing n’ stuff…
SecretPrices … $249.93

PriceGrabber … $299.95

Froogle … $249.93

Also, compare more from Cleveland or just some similiar titanium drivers.


i do golf and these r good clubs but im not right handed!!


haha sorry lefties


Wife waon’t let me have this. :frowning:

This would have been a great addition to the irons and Nike putter I’ve Wooted.

So, so sad.


Um, are you serious?

Nice driver, but I’m too much of a Saturday hack to fork out $200 for any club.

Would have to be a set…with a bag…and 18 holes at Chardonnay…with a cart…and a real good looking cart chick.


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Cleveland HiBore Titanium Driver
$199.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Cleveland HiBore Titanium Driver


Do people really buy golf clubs they haven’t played or demo’d ??


I’m guessing they are all right handed drivers.
Which Sucks


this club will be perfect for beating my computer.



Not a golfer… Love the podcast though!


I just bought a Taylor Made R7, why do you do this to me Woot. How about tomorrow you offer an iron set for 150 bucks, I will buy twelve…ok just one, but I was hoping it would entice you. Or how about a nice Bavarian Oyster Crepe tomorrow, sounds good to me.


Great club to have in your bag. If you are a beginner, it’s very forgiving. If you are experienced, it will add plenty of yardage to your drive, Great club, GREAT price!

#19 ??? It’s just a thought…


Fellow Lefties: if you are thinking of taking up golfing, give it a try with right handed clubs and see how it feels. A lot of the power comes from the front arm, so having your left arm forward can actually give you a better drive, so long as you can control it.