Cleveland Ladies Fairway Wood

Time to snicker hehe Cleveland Ladies Fairway Wood

I’m gonna cry…

At least they aren’t left handed…


Is this the model Tiger Woods’ wife used?

SWEET! Just what I always wanted! A ladies golf club! Thanks Woot!

That’s some mighty fine ladywood you’ve got there.


It’s like they’re opening up the bags of crap and selling the contents individually.

wood not

Well, this one is over…

memories of Bill Murray and Caddyshack…

how long are the clubs?

I prefer Foxy Boxing

dell digital jukebox proves the hot tub time machine is real

So if I get my girlfriend this, does that mean she has wood?

That’s what she… wait… what?

Buy one so you can say here ladies I have a wood for ya!..ok just buy one…

Stick a fork in it…

yeah THAT’S the core demographic… female golfers.