Cleveland Launcher Driver

**Item: **Cleveland Launcher Driver
Price: $89.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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Here Are some reviews on the SL290

Golf club… who woulda thunk it?

Read (and watch) this review over at

Awesome price on a great driver by a great company. If you’re looking for a new driver or an upgrade to some cheapo driver you currently use, this bang for the buck is tough to beat.

This is Sport Woot! Golf is not s sport, it is simply a game.

Golf club prices drop quickly with the introduction of new models every year. People are looking for the “latest and greatest” due to the marketing hype of each new model.

This model was introduced in January 2011 making it more than 2 years old (ancient in the driver market). I bet one could get this on clearance at a golf shop for around the same price. Besides, shaft flex and head characteristic differences make you want to try it out first.

Incorrect. It’s not a highly physical sport, however it firmly meets the definition of sport in multiple dictionaries, wikipedia, and my dad also said so.

In for 1 of the SL290 stiff 10.5 I hate buying something like this without trying it, but… it has rave reviews.

great driver for great price - its new easy to hit around 100 bucks with tax and 5 dollar shipping - great up grade if you have any other off-brand driver - if you are less than 10 times a year player, this is your deal to take advantage of - would be a great driver even for the every weekend player guy also -

If you’re on the fence even a little bit, buy it. The shaft is worth at least twice as much as the head. OEM Miyazaki shafts all retail in the $200-$300 range.

If you don’t like the Cleveland head, go to your local clubbuilder and have them pull the shaft, and then install it in your favorite driver.

(I’m speaking from experience…I play a Ping G10 driver with a Miyazaki C. Kua shaft that was pulled from a Cleveland driver.)

Seriously…this is a wicked deal for a really nice shaft and driver.

Right now at my favorite golf store, it’s “on sale” for $199. I’m also seeing a lot of $149 on-line.

If they had the Draw/Stiff version for lefties, I’d be all over this. Best case scenario you can run down to your favorite golf store, hit a mini-bucket and then buy it.

Love Cleveland drivers and wedges…can’t recommend this club enough.

I don’t know too much about golf equipment… can you elaborate on what makes the shaft so good? Would it be useful for a beginner golfer?

Own this club and it performs well above its price. The shaft alone (as mentioned, Miyazaki C. Kua 59) is worth the $90. If you are looking for a nice driver without breaking the bank, buy this.

A beginning golfer likely won’t notice anything special/noteworthy about the shaft. A beginner just needs something that’s in the ballpark flex-wise…“regular” flex is usually a good, safe starting point.

(Actually, a beginner would be best served by leaving a driver out of their bag, spending lots of time chipping and putting around the practice green, and teeing off with a 3 wood. But I digress…)

No sense in boring anyone here with what makes this shaft appealing to certain lower handicap golfers (torque, kick points/flex profiles, spin rates, etc.). If one wants to learn about that stuff, well…with respect to all parties involved, the sport.woot! forum isn’t the place. To anyone other than than a low handicap golfer, $300 probably seems a little insane for <60 gram piece of carbon fiber. And even to many members of that group (read: me), that’s a crazy amount of money for a driver shaft…even an premium/ultra-premium one. That’s what makes this woot! appealing…to me, anyway.

Agreed, this is a smokin deal. If only it came in xstiff flex (and if I hadn’t just bought one last fall!)

That’s the smartest thing posted on this thread! :slight_smile:

I’m a few times a year “golfer”. I have a cheap driver that came with my set that I can never seem to hit well. My wife has a Nickent driver that I can hit straight every time, just not very far. I’m a somewhat slow back swing, somewhat faster fore swing golfer. I’ve been wanting a new driver for some time. With father’s day around the corner, this might be my chance :slight_smile:

Which of these models would best suit me? I’m thinking the middle option: SL290, regular shaft, 10.5 degree?