Clever Girl

I have a sudden urge to start a dinosaur debate club.

It says Girl right on the shirt, but I can’t buy it in a size for my 5-year-old daughter!?

Tattoo or t-shirt is always a fun quiz.

Is that a Thesaurus. Rex?

I’m glad you didn’t leave out the apple :slight_smile:

Nope, it’s a philosoraptor.

That was a joke, right? Or, are you one of the 7 people on the planet who do not recognize the quote?

I am proud of myself. I knew immediately what movie this quote is from. Usually I don’t get the reference. Great design!

whether the joke is got or not, those of us who have smart little girls who love dinosaurs kindddda wish there were some kid sizes!!!

Especially since the movie version of Jurassic park totally promoted the girl-child in STEM / computer knowledge so she could save the day. Because she was clever. And stayed calm. And she knows this.

I was gonna say, it looks like a tattoo to me… :wink:

Resewing a shirt to a smaller size is not a terrible difficult task if you have a machine.

The Venn diagram of female graduates and lovers of Jurassic Park earned a winner in that intersection, for sure. Great design.

The quote has nothing to do with any of the human characters. but yeah, woot could offer child sizes.

No kids sizes makes baby jesus weep.

NO! NO! I told myself last week I could not! Would not! Buy anymore shirt!

I love this! Just watched it again over the weekend with nieces who had never seen it!

Trying really hard to keep my finger off the buy button!

I don’t understand why this is not an option.

No kids sizes!! my daughter loves dinosaurs and books.

Instructables is the best website ever, other than woot of course…

This shirt seems like a natural to have in kids’ sizes–strange they aren’t available