Click or Treat

seriously… i’ve caught 5 mice in my apartment the last two weeks.

Oh Bass, you’re such a dork. :stuck_out_tongue:

As soon as I saw the ratties, I knew it had to be a Bass design.

Why is the cat/mouse pissed?

lol xD good one bass!!!


He’s not pissed, he’s embarassed by his little mousey brother. He’s thinking “Seriously…”

ha! very cute characters.

Nice work, Bass…but I don’t know why mice would dress up for Halloween…they are scary without dressing up.

I want this on a hoodie!

This design is cheesy.

Seems to me like the writeup missed the point of the t-shirt by focusing on safety. The shirt is funny because the mouse is dressed like … a mouse. That’s not just an oversized helmet. Right?

The write-up’s still funny though.

Aaackk a beetle, smoosh it!!

I was about to say the same thing. The shirt is adorable, and the write-up is funny, but they don’t seem to go together to me. I guess the common theme is mice dressing up for Halloween, but… well, usually the write-up is at least tangential to the shirt design, but it seems today they are parallel at best.

However, great choice on the shirt! And congrats bassanimation!

Well that mouse can’t be optical, what with his eyes covered like that. Check him for a laser!

Oh, and I like old-timey caramels! I’m pretty sure I liked them when I was a kid, too. Except when I had braces, but that was more a matter of practicality than taste.

That was a fun video…they are lucky no one freaked and smooshed their stunt mouse! He seemed friendly =P I swear I thought that one lady that launched the box was going to stomp on his head…

Hmm, at first I thought he looked pissed, but now I think I agree with the embarrased sibling theory…either way, adorable!

I’m in for 1!

This shirt will go great with my other mouse shirt from woot