Clickfree 500GB Automatic Backup USB Hard Drive with Docking Station

USB 3.0 Network Ready version…

Use your money to buy a larger USB Hard Drive than this and install the free cross-platform CrashPlan software.

sigh…not usb 3.0…

You’ve got to click the stupidly large yellow button.

would give $39 for it and free ship

Is this a good deal? Seems a little expensive for 500Gb.


anybody else having issues with Mine seems stuck at the reckoning… Cache cleared, rebooted… no change.

I took off of work for this? Been on for 7 hours and everything is junk and cheaper on google shopping.

500gb is worthless now a days

I can’t express myself if you don’t have the color that best expresses myself.

Yeah but BH Photo & Video has them for the same price ($60 with free shipping):

Here’s the link… I’ll pass.

But think how everyone at your office is happier.

that link is for the newer version of the product which is USB 3.0 capable…hence the heftier price tag

you’ll find cheap deals all over the net for USB 2.0 devices as dealers are trying to offload their old stock

Me too… I hear that horn thing and look and it is an item that was like 3 items ago… :frowning:

i keep clicking but its still not free???

if only it was 2TB. then maybe

In for 6, I have 15 years of pron to backup

I purchased this a while back from Woot and found it to be the perfect back up and certainly a trouble free one. Would not do without mine, definately do recommend that for backing up all your computer sites effort free, time and time again. Thanks Woot.