Clickfree C1 500GB Portable Automatic Backup Drive

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Clickfree C1 500GB Portable Automatic Backup Drive
$59.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Are these things worth a damn?

Eh, not worth it.

How is it possible, “No software to set up or install” but it does an automatic backup?

Yes. Accordingly…



Bought one about a year ago. Best backup drive/software ever. Set it and forget it.

Is it made by Roncomatic?

Every OS I know of since Windows 95 has included its own backup software. This includes OS’s that aren’t Windows.

I need another portable hard drive like I need a running jacket with lights.

Then that’s sneaky saying it’s an “Automatic Backup Drive” but then rely on the OS to do the backups. Generally, you install the software it comes with to qualify as a clickfree backup drive.

So pretty desperately?


Magical Aliens that perform Magic

Animated ponies.


We’re naming things that astound an amaze, right?

and eggs

funny… i was just looking at running illumination options

you found a “jacket” …?

I wonder if you can just use it for storage?