Clickfree C2 500GB Portable Backup Drive with Cradle

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Clickfree C2 500GB Portable Backup Drive with Cradle
$59.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Someone, but this, please


is the cradle compatible with baby’s named mac?

Well, we now know what happened to all the world’s <1 TB hard drives.


does this store .jpeg files or only .jpg?

Backup software that comes with this is awesome. Only combination that you set up and can totally forget about it.

I’m the girl who doesn’t back up.

why the 2 usb cables attached?

i hate the backup software on any external drive, it never works the way its supposed to

Almost no one left. Bag of c.rap time

That must make parallel parking a chore…

This is redic 48 hours iv been in this woot off and shit man…all I need is a cheap tablet or b.o.c.

Soooooooooooo it’s an oversized mp3 player from 2003 with am overpriced 500gb hard drive in it… Totally underwhelmed.

speed wooting caused lack of comments,but hey the cool pellet gun on kidswoot is always something to chat about

It runs off USB power. The extra USB cable plugs into another USB hub/port if one doesn’t supply enough power.

well girl, someone needs to teach you how to back-it-up. but seriously, backing up is important.