Clickfree C2N 640GB Automatic Network Backup Drive with Cradle

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Clickfree C2N 640GB Automatic Network Backup Drive with Cradle
$79.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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hahahaha ::barf::

Rip off!

This is a joke right?

Who…what what?

The other was 750GB so don’t start with the “this is a repeat” bit. The only repeat I believe is the price…

Never mind it’s 10 bucks less.

I’m still waiting for more Eye-Fi ProX Cards… I know they won’t have them. sigh

Thank God for the Wootalyzer. It disappoints me repeatedly.

Here’s it cheaper…but refurbed

Seriously??? Bring out the BOC!!

I believe the other one was $20 more.

No, I thought that too, this one is ten bucks cheaper…I guess the other one was the better “deal”?

actually this one is $10 cheaper!

I think this back ups without clicking anywhere.

Watch out if you use Comcast or another provider that does not have unlimited bandwidth. This guy will eat it up pretty fast transferring files from your computers to it wirelessly.


but refurbed

Pussy cat don’t like you.

It has been sold at Woot before yes. I guess this entire woot-off is a repeat, so what exactly am I still doing here? :slight_smile: