Clickfree C2N 750GB Portable Backup Drive with Cradle

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Clickfree C2N 750GB Portable Backup Drive with Cradle
$89.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Newegg has ones cheaper. You can bet an internal 1tb for $55, then an encloser for $20

…aaaannddd it’s gone

256-but [sic] encryption is the best!

A message of love

Who the hell bought 3 of them in AZ?

boss bought a 1.5tb USB only power drive a few months back for like $120 or something… this doesn’t seem like that hot of a deal unless it does something special.

I love the box “The ultimate family backup experience”. What does this mean?

“Clicfree?” Meaning the drive will never do the “click of death” so many hard drive like to do these days? Such a deal, I’ll take THREE! not…

Are you paying for the fancy case?

it has 256 but encryption

256-butt encryption would be better still!

They must have a lot of videos to store.

Is this smaller / lighter, like based on a 2.5in drive

anyone know anything about this product? any good?

that can hold a lot of pron. but i could care less about the encryption id get more space instead ;/

I just bought a 2TB from Costco for this price…and this is a woot off item?

Anyone won a bag of carrots yet? What score does it take on either game

Sorry to troll woot but your deals arent too good this time.

Staples has a Western Digital® My Passport 1TB drive on sale for $80 right now (also has encryption). Use bitlocker (built into windows) or the free DriveCrypt if you want alternate encryption.