Clickfree C2N 750GB Portable Backup Drive with Cradle

I’m expecting this one to sell out quickly.

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Clickfree C2N 750GB Portable Backup Drive with Cradle
$89.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Okay…1 more and off to bed

bit pricey for 750gb

they just had this on deals.woot. I believe it was 60$ for 500 gb, this is a Steal at this price.

Although you don’t get those designer colors on this one…

Or not…

99 + free shipping new


Kinda makes you wanna cry doesn’t it?

does he owe us all a soda now?

>what do you mean it doesn’t work that way?

99 + free shipping new

^that makes me wanna cry

So only $10 less than Best Buy and with shipping it’s really only $5 less.

its off to bed - can’t handle the stress for a .01 item to 90.00 item.

An okay price on a dull item.

Where’s the woot?

Hi can we all git Bags o’Crap for being such loyal geeks and staying up late way past our bedtime plz? Thx!

(That’ll work.)

apparently no one wants it

If it’s a 1 day woot, try in 12-16 hours
if it’s a 2 day woot, try in 36-50 hours

one more to go…

They have 2! Quick! Someone buy the second one!