Clickfree C2N 750GB Portable Backup Drive with Cradle

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Clickfree C2N 750GB Portable Backup Drive with Cradle
$89.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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WTH I just blinked!!

thanks once again for saving me nothing! i can get this cheaper on ebay and for the same price on amazon.

Okay, so nobody’s posting comments, and apparently nobody’s buying any of these. I woke up for this, why?

And the little stand with the mini-B USB connector is the most useless thing I ever saw. Just use a cable, why does it have to stand vertically, so the data doesn’t get wrinkled?

The audience is lost.

let’s see that bag now hu!!!? might be my only chance.

How does 750GB measure up for this type of thing, in general?

Why is this so expensive? I always see 1tb portable Elements for like 60 bucks shipped. Woot needs to bring back that Tron mouse and mousepad combo for 40 bucks.

Well mines not click free… but I did just buy a western digital 1.5 tb external drive yesterday at target for 89.99. I think you can just get software for auto backup.

I have either been up way too long, or this question makes no sense at all.

Hot doggit!! I was like “I haven’t drank THAT much tonight” lol aparrently I cant type W … t … h on here!! I know for a fact I never tryped fishbone in my life!!

Amazon routinely has these on sale for 60 bucks. I lucked out and got one with a Black drive.

I think he means price-wise. I would say 90 for 750gb of storage is a ripoff. Unless this drive offers some special features I am unaware of.

They could have mad the exterior of this a really cool chicken and then they could claim it was Cluck free.

I’d be more inclined to buy the chicken version.



Well, at least it isn’t refurbished. :smiley:


I could go for a chicken drive too!

In terms of $/GB it’s definitely overpriced. At least we can take heart in the fact that their earnings might be going into providing us good BOC’s, right? :slight_smile:

Even your WD probably came with some “click free” software…when I worked for the Geek Squad, people would pay us to set up random externals…most of them come with some sort of auto back up that activates every time you plug it in. I personally don’t go for that sort of thing…but…to each his own…