Clif Climber Mixed Case (12)



Clif Climber 2010 Mixed Case
$89.99 (Normally $193.30) 53% off List Price
2010 Clif Climber Red
2010 Clif Climber White
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This will make a cute gift for my rock climbing buddies


Looks like the crevasse leading into Petra.


On the White:

Steve Heimoff
A fun, easy wine with lots to like. It’s a little sweet, but nicely crisp in acidity, with tantalizing citrus fruit, white flower, vanilla and butter flavors. A dash of Riesling, Muscat and Viognier fattens up the blend.

On the Red:

Steve Heimoff
Made from Zinfandel, Cabernet Franc and a few other varieties, this is a terrific wine for your house red. It’s dry and lusty, with berry, spice and tobacco flavors that have a touch of raisining. Production was 6,300 cases.


" This is a commendable everyday wine that should appeal to a wide audience."



Link to a site with shortcuts to reviews and a 2012 Silver Medal…

Digging deeper, the White also scored a Silver medal there.


Another nice article on the red:

Exerpted: "This is not a pretentious wine but one that is at ease with a family dinner, after a pick-up game on Sunday afternoon or a romantic smoked ham quiche dinner by the fire.

At this value price ($14), open another bottle for dessert."


This will arrive before Christmas, yes? That’s the one thing I need to know and can’t find confirmed here.


Purchased one red and one white in the aseptic package to take camping this past summer. – Yes, we take wine camping.

Was nicely surprised by the white which was delicious COLD (Note: We were camping in FL in July – bad idea.) Great flavor and not too acidic, but definitely not sweet. As it warmed up a bit, the fruit flavors became more apparent and we finished the white “bag” well before the red, although the heat could have had something to do with that as well.

I was less impressed with the red, but remember noting that it was unobjectionable and easy-drinking. Typically, I am more of a red wine drinker, though, and tend to spend more on my red bottles than whites.

Brought what was left back from the camping trip, and it was nice with pizza. Full bodied and rich, but without any standout flavors.


Yes, still in time for Christmas. WD will let us all know when something will be too late.


Yay, thank you! Buying two!


I purchase wine cases from a few other sites and am able to have them delivered to me here in Indiana, no problem. A couple of them use a third party courier to get around the restrictions.

It is very dissapointing that this great deal cannot be mine just because of where I live, I really want it. :frowning:


12 bottles on 12-12-12? I do believe this is a wildly appropriate day to purchase my very first wine woot.

Baker’s dozen tomorrow?


Off Topic.
Did I miss the Woot Christmas Wine offering?


These will ship on Friday Fedex Home out of California. should get to any of the 48 by Christmas.




This would be appropriate to drink when we go off the fiscal cliff! Of course I’ll go off the fiscal cliff much earlier if I buy this.



Finally, a wine targeted towards rock climbers.