Clif Climber Red - 4 Pack

Clif Climber Red - 4 Pack
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Condition: Red
Product: 4 2006 Clif Climber Red
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8/17/09 (white)

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I’m in.


LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff. In for two.

I should make it 3.

Interesting… “Ménage à Cinq” I guess? (For those that have had the Ménage à Trois wines)

:slight_smile: I may have to go in for one to replenish my reds. Down to two bottles of Noceto left!

My wife loved the climber white and she just put her last bottle in the fridge. I told myself if this ever came up (and it wasn’t in the middle of the night during a woot-off) I would purchase without hesitation…But now I am hesitating since I have three shipments already on their way to me.

Woot, couldn’t you have waited a couple of weeks for this!

California covers a lot of ground, and appellations. Where did the various juice components come from, please?

Here’s the winery’s manager’s previous posts.

[x-addition]According to the ‘cheap wine’ link above “Most of the grapes come from Somerston Vineyard, east of the Silverado Trail in Napa Valley”.

The white was northern coast: These guys have wooted their white at least twice or thrice before, saying “From the North Coast, this wine has been made as organically as possible”. Didn’t much care for their white sauv-based blend: too tart without any of the fun acids, or enough depth or fruit to add to it. Kind of like drinking a cheap pinot grigio or semillon-sauv: Face-scruncher without any fun to back it up. Have to drink it with curry or something which obliterates the taste.

Red might be better though. Although given these descriptions of the 04 I’m not convinced.

Ok, so from the reviews it’s a cheep n cheerful jammy fruit-bomb summer barbie quaffer. Probably good QPR if you like that!

From their web-site:
Winemaker notes

The majority of the fruit for the 2006 Climber Red comes from Somerston Vineyard, located 10 miles east of the Silverado Trail in the Napa Valley. Somerston Vineyard is planted between 1000 and 2500 feet elevations, creating a cool micro-climate with ideal growing conditions. The wine was aged in a mix of used and new oak barrels for 18 months.

Yes thank you, I’m an eejit. My corrections crossed with yours, and yours are better! I double-checked simultaneously and realised they must buy their grapes in for their wines.

Woot Cellars Albino Rhino still available!

Do these Clif wines taste better than Luna wines?

Both of my wine fridges are full! Where am I going to put these?!

The 2004 was an easy drinking quaff that definitely fights out of it’s weight class QPR wise … and IIRC this is cheaper than last time. They make great gifts for any of your outdoors oriented friends as well. I’m in.

This wine is made for drinking

Definitely not, but you don’t have to deal with the embarrassment of drinking wine marked “formulated especially for women.” Trade-offs, my friend.

You have about a week to drink 4 bottles to make room. Can it really be that hard?

In for 1, it sounds like a good deal. :slight_smile:

Anyone know when summer shipping starts? It would be nice if there was an option for those of us in the Dirty South.

Clif, huh? I can’t help but worry it’ll taste like vitamins and sawdust . . .