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Clif Climber Red - 4 Pack - $39.99 + $7.00 shipping shipping

4 * 2006 Clif Climber Red

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Hey, hopefully half the shipments won’t get cooked this time! :slight_smile:

Well this saves me money. I can’t ship to my wine mule in Wyoming. :smiley:

nah, it was probably rubbish to start with ! I hated the white… so I’m biased.

OK, this is ridiculous. I just did two wine.woot’s back to back.

Mine got cooked, and I was too lazy to pursue returning it. It tastes relatively nasty cooked unless you like sipping on some vinegar.

Nope, this is soooooo much better. We had it at the dinner at Tra Vigne on the 1st RPM Historical Tour.

The white was okay for the price, but not spectacular. This is one I should have brought with me when we were at Java’s.

Clif Climber Red - 4 Pack
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Yikes… um sounds like maybe I need to take a pass

You need to pair it with a Clif bar to release its true flavor.

Awe c’mon! Are we ever going to see an absinthe here?

C’mon, green fairy! Just do it!

The friend who turned me on to woot! long ago bought this offering, and it arrived burnt…

So one burnt offering out of the many wines and tasty morsels , is not too bad.

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Here’s the winery’s manager’s previous posts.

I think you’re just a hater. And you know what they say:

I think WD was reading the Instant Buys thread. He is very very evil.

Hmm, wine racism ???

A long Woot-off but still no sparkling wine. Some bubbly, please!

I loved this stuff for an easy drinking summer quaffer - great with BBQ. In for 3.

BTW, the last time it was shipped was prior to summer shipping, so this time you’ll get a refrigerated truck

I agree the white was REALLY bad! I have heard such good things on the red though… I may have to purchase.

I bought one of the red last time and was a little nervous, but really liked it - upping it to two this time. Really nice summer red.