Clif Climber Red - 4 Pack

We were just thinking about this, and whoomp there it is.


someone mentioned it during the white wine, 2 woots ago, so i figured i’d try it. hopefully it’s good for my first wine.woot.

Clif Climber Red - 4 Pack
$39.99 + $5 shipping
4 2006 Clif Climber Red

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Previous Offer:
8/17/09 (white)

You beat me by 5 seconds

Not Ty or Cathy so it’s bed time!

Can anyone give some feedback that has tried it? I’d like to hear from some of you quality posters…

Tytanium would be sweeeeet

Looks as if you got your wish.

Ask and you shall receive…


I got a case of this the last time it was available. I was not overly impressed. I suspect it may have gotten cooked in shipping. It was one of the last offerings before the summer shipping started.

Previous woot

Seemed to have problems with shipping last time.

{what he said…]

Good stuff, especially for the price. Stock up and drink this stuff while you’re waiting for your good stuff to age a little. That’s what I do anyway, but I’m a noob so I don’t have any old good stuff yet.

Thank you - I thought I caught that whiff

I really loved this wine - got 4 bottles the first time and 8 a couple weeks ago. Really nice QPR, rich and fruity.

ETA: There’s a lot of sediment in this wine, you really need to filter or decant it or just be careful of drinking - almost like coffee grounds. But it’s definitely one of my top woots.

my first wine.woot! sweet!

I was a little slow I had to change my shipping address from home to work. :slight_smile:

Is this a zin blend? What’s the barrel regimen on this varietal?

I got this the last time they offered it. I didn’t care for it at all…and I like pretty much anything red. Used it for mulled wine, which was drinkable. Sadly, Two Buck Chuck kicks this wine’s butt IMHO.