Clif Climber Red - 4 Pack

Clif Climber Red - 4 Pack
$39.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 4 2006 Clif Climber Red
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Previous offer:

I can say the white offering was good.

Finally something I don’t need. :slight_smile:

Did I like these enough to purchase them again? Yes I did.
Do I have room for them?
No I don’t.
Not this time. But I am sure I will get another shot at it;)

This is a good every day drinker. It does have a lot of sediment and crystals on the cork. I have had 5 bottles total and one of them was undrinkable. Looking back at the last offering, looks like I’m not the only person who got a bad bottle. But Woot rectified the situation, and very quickly, too. Not buying again but I think it’s a good buy for the price.

I JUST finished a clif bar when this poped up. Some call it fate. I call it a kick arse wootoff.

I have been looking forward to this being offered again. Went quick at the house the first time around. Needs to be filtered though: lots of goodies in the bottle.

Doesn’t seem to bee too bad.

Mine had crystals too. I will say that a trip thru my Vinturi with the sediment screen installed made this wine a treat.

so i just turned 21 recently and have basically zero knowledge of wine. would this be a good starter? or should i have more “refined” tastes to enjoy this?

Here are some reviews of this wine at RJ’s Wine Blog: Clif Family Winery and Clif Family Winery (Part 2)

Did the same with mine :slight_smile:



On a QPR basis, where does this lie relative to the Wellington Merlot I was coerced into buying?

If I like this, will I like the Merlot (and vice versa)?

I seem to have a couple of cases of Zinfandel (just the way the deals came up, relative to dining with Zin-drinking friends). Is this enough different that I would think it was something different, or is it just more of the same? (Or is that a question along the lines of “Tata’s and Ferrari’s are both cars, so they’re about the same, right?”?)

Previous offer I got and won’t get again. Many complained of corked/imperfect wine. I got skunked last time. I did love the white offering though.

Mine were all corked last time, they were all undrinkable. did get refund after fedup sent back replacement because I couldn’t go the 1 1/2 hours drive to pick it up on a workday.

This is good, everyday drinking, QPR (quality/price ration).

Really easy drinker and delicious as long as you manage the sediment. I still have two orders from last time or I would seriously consider it - it’s a lovely picnic wine.

Maybe the cooler weather will help out now?? Maybe it got cooked?