Clif Climber White 2008 - 6 Pack

Clif Climber White 2008 - 6 Pack
$49.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 6 2008 Clif Climber White
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Oh CLIF, how I love thee!!
But, I’m a red wine girl… I’ll have to go drown my sorrows in a bottle of Climber Red.


Any residual sugar? And does anyone know if this 2008 white blend getting to be past its prime?

At $9 a bottle, this could potentially be a good popcorn night wine.

Wine Enthusiast rating: 85
Price: $14/750ml

Slightly sweet and crisp, this blend of five varieties, mainly Sauvignon Blanc, has juicy flavors of apricots, grapefruits, oranges and spices. Nice with fruit, sushi, chicken enchiladas. S.H. (8/1/2009) — 85

i do not like the Clif climber white. Call me a curmudgeon if you must. For me, too acidic and thin without compensating benefits.

We have had the 07’ and the 08’, my wife really preferred the 07’. I cannot remember why and I didn’t take any notes so I am not much help.

What I have gathered here is that Clif makes some good wine at a fair price. This is a bit cheaper than it has been in the past so that makes it even more tempting.

Will have to ask the wife if she wants any.

The Sauvignon Blanc grabbed me, shook me then forced me to push the ridiculously large button. Don’t know how that happened; I’m a red wine drinker. I think I’ve been whitewinenapped.

Looking forward to this, just tried Sauvignon Blanc a few nights ago. Pleasant surprise.

Have there been earlier woots of this particular vintage?

Yes, see Cesare’s post above ^
(very first post)

They actually do make a foil pouch version.
Clif Climber Pouch Chard

Had this at a tasting a few weeks ago, it’s not bad, but nothing super exciting.

Or just pour this in your camelbak. One woot will get you two or three fillings, though you might want to fill the backpack around the bladder with cold bags / freezer blocks.

FINALLY - we can get this in CT!!
In for 2!

I’ve bought this twice before - personally I really enjoy it. Although the summer’s coming to an end we still have some warm weather ahead of us in Texas - this is a great patio sipper.

I’m not a wine maker, so can someone explain to me how adding yet another ingredient increases purity? Unless that something is Jesus.

We just drank our last 2008 Climber White about a month ago, very sad. I got a fantastic secret deal by getting a case of 2006 Climber Red and a case of this. We could always count on this wine.

I’m waaaay over budget, especially after yesterday’s Gazzi Pinot. Oi. Of course I had to get that. So this morning I mention to my wife that Climber White was up on woot, hoping she would tell me to get it. I could see the turmoil behind her eyes. After confirming we were over-budget, she said whistfully, “ah . . . bummer”. I was proud of her. . . and disappointed.

At least we can console ourselves with some Meeker Rosé.

(The Red was good too, but on it’s last legs. If any of you have any of that left, drink it very soon, and finish the bottle the first day. Won’t be good the next day, even with vacu-vin or wine shield.)

got this wine before from Woot and enjoyed it - it’s certainly worth $9/bottle delivered! in for two - thanks, Woot!

Research shows that we are getting a superb deal as we are paying $8 something a bottle and others have it for $13.99 + mega shipping costs.
I am drooling as I type.
Crisp melon, gooseberry, etc…it must be deLish.
2008 and it’s 2011 mmmmm…I will try it with Ono a meaty tasty white fish.

My question echoes someone else’s…is this anywhere close to past its prime? We’ve already turned on the heat in our house, so I don’t know how quickly we’ll go through whites.

Got 8 of these in April, 2010, and had same reaction. At least taste was consistent from bottle to bottle. And I am a curmudgeon. I like that title!

A curmudgeon’s reputation for malevolence is undeserved. They’re neither warped nor evil at heart. They don’t hate mankind, just mankind’s absurdities. They’re just as sensitive and soft-hearted as the next guy, but they hide their vulnerability beneath a crust of misanthropy. They ease the pain by turning hurt into humor. . . . . . They attack maudlinism because it devalues genuine sentiment. . . . . . Nature, having failed to equip them with a servicable denial mechanism, has endowed them with astute perception and sly wit.
Curmudgeons are mockers and debunkers whose bitterness is a symptom rather than a disease. They can’t compromise their standards and can’t manage the suspension of disbelief necessary for feigned cheerfulness. Their awareness is a curse.
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