Clif Climber White 2008 - 6 Pack

Clif Climber White 2008 - 6 Pack
$49.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 6 2008 Clif Climber White
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nooooooooo of all days to have a woot off, it has to be the only kind of work day where I will not be able to pay attention to the woot off!!!

Woot off again? Just put something ridiculously expensive up around 1am PST please.

If only I hadn’t bought it the last time … and didn’t have full wine lockers.

As much as I love the buying opportunities, we’ve gotta stop with these regular monthly Woot-Offs. My checkbook can’t handle it anymore!

If only I had received it from the 9/20 purchase. It’s due this Thursday. :frowning:

I agree with you! On the other hand, it means more chances to pick up some new wines or gifts for the upcoming holidays!

Same thing here, haven’t been able to try it personally yet…also running out of wine storage space, but that’s a separate issue. :slight_smile:

Is this some kind of energy wine that will assist me in free rock climbing?

While I do not suggest attempting to find out, if you do please bring along a friend with a video camera.

This is the absolute best conjunction of my desire to sit on the porch and get drunk with my friends’ insistence on hiking and biking and all that other athletic hoo-ha!

I like what CT had to say about it, ~85 rating.

But, lets be honest here… I’m a biking addict and have 2 economy (yes, bigger than your grocery store) sized boxes of Clif Bars, in Banana Bread and Oatmeal Raisin flavors… and I take them on almost all my rides, travel, flights, hikes, yea… D e l i c i o u s.

I did not know they made a wine, but when I saw it come up here and with the good reviews and mention that it was Dry on CT, I pulled the trigger :slight_smile:

So, despite being a Woot member since 2007… this is actually my first post… and I’m setting myself up for likely disappointment b/c of how much I’m anticipating this wine to be nice compared to what it should taste like in my imagination right now, where I’m grading it like a Clif bar vs. Snickers :slight_smile:

Oh my. before the deal goes away, last offering was shipped to North Dakota -in fact it was lit up like a Christmas tree? Is that an error for this a no ship to ND ?

Woot and kids woot have been flying through offers, and this one sticks here. :frowning: I hope the wines offered during sleep have repeats during work tomorrow.

Ok, didn’t pay attention to the map last time, but LOVE that Colorado is racking up the orders much faster than any other state. :slight_smile:

DOA tracking number for my Cliff Climber purchase from 9/20, so no report on the deliciousity of this offering

The bell end on this bottle helps to strengthen the glass, this is a fantastic bottle to use in any bar fight. Though any quality bar fight will not usually revolve around wine.
Still, a good one to have in your corner.

We’re checking on it. Thanks for the heads-up.

Could we move this along and get to the reds (not Merlot) already?