Clif Family Riesling w/Roasted Almonds (5+2)

Clif Family Riesling with Roasted Almonds 5 + 2 Pack
$74.99 $150.00 50% off List Price
2013 Clif Family Dry Riesling, Potter Valley, Mendocino
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Not a big Riesling fan, but this sounds enticing (and it’s from Clif).

Pros: I like to dine outside.

I am a particularly nutty ghost.

Don’t need Super Bowl tickets (Raider fan)

Cons: I can’t get any more charismatic.

I still say “needs more cowbell.”

I’ll never sell my glowing amulet.

In for 5.

Jana and I brought a bottle of this down to Carmel and enjoyed it on the deck over a couple of days. Nice well made wine. A little high in alcohol for my taste. My taste are for the lower lighter German style Rieslings. This is a good example of the California style with riper flavors and weight.

Always figured you to be a jets fan…
As for the wine, I have enjoyed all the clif wines from past purchases. This looks solid at $13 a bottle with free almonds. Plus I really like dry reislings. Nice woot!

If it’s $13/bottle then the almonds are $5/bag. :wink:

Does this offer include summer shipping?

You are correct, $16 a bottle and free almonds :). Early morning math fail.

Si señor. It will be shipped sometime this summer.

Yes indeed. Shipping is always included and that means summer shipping right now.


Traveling to Napa from the CLE on Fri. and visiting Clif & the Velovino on Sunday. Can’t wait!

I love all things Clif and had my cellar not runneth over (to the point where I need to throw a party just to make room for the next fruit wine bottling) I would be all over this…

always a smart arse in the bunch, lol :slight_smile: