Clif Family The Climber Pouch 1.5L (4)



Clif Family Winery The Climber Pouch 1.5L 4-Pack
$53.99 (Normally $68.00) 21% off List Price
Size 1.5 Liters
The Climber Pouch Chardonnay (Non-Vintage) 1.5L 2-Pack
The Climber Pouch Cabernet Sauvignon (Non-Vintage) 1.5L 2-Pack

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[] Summer shipping is in effect so don’t worry about your wine.
] Every winery needs a separate license from each state which is why your state isn’t listed.


This is extremely fun to serve out of - you just wander around from glass to glass and use the spigot to serve. It’s the same wine we’ve come to know from Clif, in a funky package. Super great for parties, and you can’t beat the price - you’re essentially getting 8 bottles for $54.


Six liters of quality juice for under sixty bucks!


Also, if you’re into cruising, these beauties are perfect for bringing onto the boat. The ships scan for the density of glass bottles.


Notes from tasting the white a week and a half ago during the RPM tour:

  • Pale fruit flavors, fairly grassy with hint of straw, not much nose.  Adequate for boxed wine purposes where you don’t care about quality, only price

As a hiker, I llike the packaging but wish the wine were a touch better.


From the RPM tour rattage, I had notes of citrus and nectarine on the nose. A palate of grapefruit and a touch of tropical fruit. I did note that the palate was a bit harsh, though for the price I’d say this is a good QPR.

My only question is; with the equivalent of 4 magnum sized bottles here, how long will these keep before noticeable degradation?


I’m confused as to why Pennsylvania isn’t on the list of states wine woot can ship to. My brother just bought a bottle of Patron XO Cafe Dark Cocoa (much tastier than you’d think chocolate tequila would be) from a Florida based online store, and had it shipped here no problem.


Each winery has to individually license with each state. It’s a horrible system because it increases the cost to the wineries and depending on the volume of purchases makes it so that wineries have no incentive to get licensed in certain states to the point that in some cases they’d lose money by paying to license in a state if they don’t sell enough wine there.


The plastic is an excellent seal against oxygenation and these bags should hold up for some time.


Why this over the many 5 liter box wines sold locally for under $20 everyday? Even a Vino snob cannot convince me that spending $47 more for this is because it’s better tasting?

And the sappy “save the planet” marketing is so full of non-biogratable poo as is the packaging.

Sorry for those haters of this post but it is the truth.


Since I’m in a non-wine shipping state, I always keep my eye out for non-wine purchases. I noticed those fancy glasses in the first picture sure look like Govino unbreakable glasses which would be a perfect addition to this wine. If you aren’t familiar with them but like to drink wine a lot outdoors in plastic cups, check them out.

I’ve been hoping those would come up soon as I need some more since I gave my first sets away as presents. Found them on Amazon for the same price but free shipping with Prime (or just buy more haha) but can’t find any at a discount right now. Hint hint for an upcoming Thursday?


If you buy 5 L box wine at your local store and enjoy it, stick to it, wine.woot is probably not for you.


Knowing what I do about Pennsylvania alcohol and liquor restrictions, I would congratulate your brother on finding a retailer willing to illegally ship him liquor. Pennsylvania does not allow shipping of any alcohol directly to consumers.




Jessica, I’ll take another squeeze of that pouch of wine.


I didn’t know they made a decanter, it’s so cute! Govino glasses have been sold here in the past. They do come in handy.


don’t you think that’s a bit harsh? A boxed wine sold by Woot is still a boxed wine. Based on the tasting notes, it doesn’t sound like it’s all that. Some of these sound kind of interesting, and, at least at the time the article was written, cost less than the wine on offer today. So perhaps the person you shut down did have a valid point, or at least one worth discussing…


Actually, since their re-design, Woot!'s been very poor about including disclaimers. In this case there’s no disclaimer that these glasses are not included as well and, based on past woots it would not be unreasonable to expect the glasses to be included on that basis.

However, it’s not in the product description so you probably won’t receive them. I guess my goal is to point out that I remember when Woot! was much better about showing exactly what you would receive. Which is really important for an INTERNET retailer!


All of the wines referenced in that article are $20 or more for only 3 liters. The post I was commenting on specifically noted 5 Liter wines for less than $20. There is a very significant difference between the two.

This guy is buying a box of Franzia then coming on here and here and saying “don’t even try and tell me this is superior in taste”.

I am all for trying a good boxed wine from a respectable winery, ESPECIALLY if it lowers the cost to me.