Clif Family The Climber Pouch 1.5L (4)



Clif Family The Climber Pouch 1.5L 4-Pack
$53.99 (Normally $68.00) 21% off List Price
Size 1.5 Liters
The Climber Pouch Chardonnay (Non-Vintage) 1.5L 2-Pack
The Climber Pouch Cabernet Sauvignon (Non-Vintage) 1.5L 2-Pack

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Regretted not getting these the other week when I went to the drive-in. Great outdoor drinker that pairs well with govinos!


My order of this is just waiting at FedEx pickup for tonight - I am a bit bummed that didn’t arrive one day early so I could know if I want more.


This has a nozzle! Where are your standards!?


OK, so Woot says no box wines with nozzles. Bag or Box is just a matter of semantics!


Still waiting for mine as well. Phooey. If not a bag of crapulation, I want my bags of wine! They’re likely tastier.


No better way to celebrate reaching the summit than drinking 1.5L of wine. Certainly will make the descent much faster … when you slip 1/2 in the bag.


I did get this in the offer earlier and I do like it, though I’m not much of an oenophile. I’d get some more but I’ve already got some other wine.woots on order.


wellington wellington wellington wellington…come on.!!!1

or humanitas


Anyone in the northern VA area want to split this?


Or Kent Rasmussen, since we didn’t visit on the tours.


It’s all semantics. You know, like their & there, ask & aks, and my favorite, would & wood. It’s a good thing we have a first class edgumacation program in the US :wink:

PS: [Fred you can ignore this] Has woot broken up with Brandini?


this woot gives new meaning to “half in the bag”


or macrostie?



Too bad your on the right coast (NY) and I’m on the left Cal), still have 2 boxes in the garage frig. I would 'give" ya one, Hate to see an addict in withdrawl


Hmmm, I wonder if I could rig this into a CamelBak…


Oh hey now! That’s creative thinking!


How exactly is a plastic pouch more “ecofriendly” then a glass bottle? Just wondering…

But my real question is how easy is it to hold in a brown paper bag with a straw when I go for a stroll?


Yes! Haven’t seen any of his wines for too long.