Clif Family Winery The Climber - Four Pack Woot Info Post - Fun for your naughty bits!

Clif Family Winery The Climber - Four Pack [White] - $39.99 + $7.00 shipping shipping

4 * 2008 The Climber

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Damn. I like this one… it’s gonna be hard to resist… damn you woot!

back in the crevasse…

I was only so/so on this one and much preferred the TLC Chardonnay from Woot which was close to this price point or cheaper.

Ohh, in for 2. My wife will be happy!

Woot is killing me today. $300 on wine…

Great summer sipping wine, so I ordered some. I’m absolutely convinced that we’ll finally get some summer weather here in the SF Bay Area at some point before November!

edit: Holy Carp! My name is in lights!!!

worldofjohnboy - where are you???

All White!

link to previous offering of 2007 vintage

and a link for the 2008

I have stayed at work late hoping this would show up, so glad it paid off!
I really enjoyed this the first time it came around and wished I had bought more.
Price point is right, nice easy drinking wine for summer parties. Especially with the screw cap!

Thanks woot!

this is a nice white, I’ve gotten this from woot before. In for a case. thanks, woot! how 'bout some white rhino?

** Octocat:**

I’m not receiving EWN alerts. :wah:

Winery Website

If he doesn’t max out and gift max as well…

From the write-up: “they do their best to create a fine wine that’s ideal for relaxing with friends after a long day of cycling, or enjoying a mountaintop sunset after a solo hike.”

I’m gonna be sick. Forgetaboutit.

This not a bad white…I may have to indulge and get some

PM, my friend.

I usually bring box wine for the mountain top thing - it’s a helluva lot less weight to lug up the mountain. I decided a long time ago that drinking and cycling do not mix well for me…

Yeah, I think we’ll finally get that “summer” weather some time in October. July is always so cold 'round here… Especially this year.