Clif Family Winery The Climber - Four Pack

I’m in the same boat, but I don’t think my wife will be so happy I’ve dropped $300 on wine in a few hours. I hope nothing else enticing comes along…

here comes the Horse…

I know how you feel. About $250 for me–although the bulk of that was spent on the Corison.

Picked this up twice and finally tired of it. Too sweet for my taste even as a “summer sipper”.

Bought the 2007 Climber 4 Pack back in December and it was amazing. Ordered the 2008 Climber 4 Pack a few woot-offs ago and it was not as good, but still a decent white for the price.

Really liked this the last time around, in for one.

Got one last time and loved it. Wife comes home and sees it up on the screen and says, Did you buy two? No, I say, I got three!

If anyone is on the fence or curious about the style of this wine, this would be a “crowd-pleasing” wine. Not complex, probably a bit on the sweet side (although certainly not sweet), and rather easy to drink. This is probably an excellent wine for a backyard pool party or a day at the beach for those who like wine, but don’t really care much what wine that may be. At this price, it’s probably a good buy for when those types of people (I don’t mean this to sound pejorative) are around. :slight_smile:

So… is this going to be the Woot that kills the Woot-off?

This doesnt seem to be moving very well. Bring on the Cliff Climber Red!

This offering might be up here for the rest of the woot-off - incredibly excited about that!

As one who missed out on the Corison, I’d like to suggest to WD to save those offerings that are favs for non-rush hour times. This would’ve been a perfect afternoon snoozer of an offering before something more palatable (like aforementioned winery)

Sore loser - you better believe it.

In for one. I like white during the summer and the composition of this seems right up my alley. I also liked a previous comment where it would be a good wine to take along somewhere for people who like wine but don’t care what wine.

I’m spending too much on wine today! Yikes!

Those who it’d be a shame to waste yoru good stuff on, but who might go, “hey Bro, that’s a killer bottle of wine you brought” and give you another chunk of steak.

EDIT: Hmm, I hope that’s not an unintended double entendre either.

Please, for the love of all that which is good and holy, NO! Cannot buy more. Must not buy more.

Let’s skip the Clif Red and move on to bigger and better things.

Please no!!! I wish I’d grabbed the TLC; I’m fighting myself not to hold one of my three Corison packs from Richard; I CAN’T BUY WINE!!!


I think Corison was the top of the mountain for the woot offerings. We should’ve gotten to that mountain climbing Clif… not the other way around.

Still salty…

We must be on the back side of the mountain. Wonder what’s at the bottom… Two buck chuck by the case for $20?

Though the Corison’s drinkable now, it is still infanticide, or at least teen-molesting.

This is a great wine to take to someone’s BBQ.

Magnums of Victory!