Clif Family Winery The Climber Red

Clif Family Winery The Climber Red 12-Pack
$89.99 (Normally $197.30) 54% off List Price
2010 Clif Family Winery The Climber Red Wine
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Winter Precautions: Ships in 3-5 Business Days

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Previous offer:

Here’s the affordable red some people have been asking for…

Yep, and we saw this last December in a mixed case offering,old notes here, should be some fresh notes forthcoming.

I bought the red/white combo during a woot-off pre-christmas. The red is just okay. Worth it if you need to stock up your wine cellar (which I did,) but I wouldn’t serve it to your more discerning guests.

Bought this then, so I can skip it now. Although it is hard, since me likey it as an every day drinker. That is, if I drank every day. :tongue:

Courtesy of CJ:

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Blend sounds awesome, price is right.


TT/Inky, you may want to request a change to the offer description to add (12) to it. If I hadn’t looked closely at the offering, I would have thought it was for 6 or 7 bottles, at no so great a price, since the picture only shows 7 bottles.

Or add the word case.

UPDATE: My wine arrived a few minutes after WOOT response on this thread. THANKS WOOT CS !!!

Also, thank you to Clif - they did replace the missing white with a bottle of white AND a bottle of red.


I bought the mixed Clif case from a previous WOOT offering.

Play the Lotto and order from CLIF !!! If you have a problem, Clif Wineries will likely ignore you. I only got 11 bottles in the case (one white missing) and it has been months and still no action by the winery. I contacted WOOT CS twice and was promised a replacement bottle - but I have not yet got one!!! I blame Clif NOT WOOT. Emails to this winery were ignored.

So take your chances !!!

Any WW Gathering in the Houston Area?

Good Catch. thanks.

Great deal for an inexpensive daily drinker. And if you drink daily like I do, you need it to be inexpensive!

I’ve only got whites left from the previous deal, so yay for the chance to reload my reds!

Any notes to share? Price looks great but I am no a fan of mass produced wines like menage a troisi etc that taste generic, oaked, and boring. Thanks

Bought a case of the 2006 during a 2010 woot-off,and remember enjoying it, but it was a very different blend (no Cab Franc, lower %age Zin, 25% Cab Sav). It was also more $$–$10/bottle.

Will also be interested to hear about the winemakers, now that Sarah Gott is co-billed.

Will probably buy, but look forward to a few more comments.

Sorry for the problems with the order. Let me ping CS and see if that helps.

UPDATE: Your replacement is set for delivery tomorrow. If you didn’t get the tracking email (probably around 2/1), check your spam folder.

Sounds like just the sort of deal I’ve been waiting for. In for 1…maybe 2.

Please send us an email at today and we’ll help you out. Not sure what happened and so sorry for any inconvenience.

WOW !!! Just a couple of minutes after your post - the FEDEX truck arrived with my wine. I can’t find the tracking email - just very happy the wine arrived. I will edit my posting with the good news.