Clipster UltraPortable Bluetooth Speaker

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Clipster UltraPortable Bluetooth Speaker
Price: $9.99
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I really recommend this portable bluetooth speaker:

It sounds decent, is cheap and it’s even waterproof. Good battery life too. Had it for a few months and love it. If you are looking for amazing sound, this is probably not for you, but if you want something cheap and portable it is a great little speaker.

Would this work as a shower speaker or is it merely splash-proof?

Lots of reviews say its not much louder than phone speaker.

These are $15 on amazon with free shipping, depending on the color. This is a great deal if you want a pink or black one, though.

Time to check out the product page

Good Reviews over at Amazon

Product website says:

Is Clipster water-resistant?
The Clipster is not water-resistant.

Who in their right mind ever paid list $50 for this?

Perhaps the same folks that would pay 200 for a magnetic iron man bracelet.

And they walk among us.

Hey, buddy, what were you planning on clipping it onto? O.O

LOL yea I couldn’t believe that when I saw how many reviews it had on Amazon. People should be sending their wasted money to me

In for two. I want to try this while bicycling, as more and more cities are banning the use of headphones while riding. /I know, but I can hear traffic just fine with ear buds. Still, don’t want to draw down any angry law enforcement.

Questions: what type of battery do these use?


Does anyone know what type of batteries these speakers use??

Thank you!!

Features say: “Built-in rechargeable battery”
And specs say it comes with a USB cable most likely to charge the battery.

With shipping it would cost me more to buy here over Amazon (w/prime).

…and they vote and breed!!!

Best Woot comment ever