Clique HUE HD Webcam – 2 Pack

Anyone know how they handle in low light situations? My Philips SPC900NC is awesome and picks up anything even in no light, but most webcams can’t see crap in my dark room. I wouldn’t mind a new one because for some reason, my 900NC doesn’t work with this computer, but only if they brighten up a dim room.

true HD = a resolution of 1920x720 minimum.

and 10fps? lol

wow these look cool. anyone use one?

Huh. I bought the sellout webcams yesterday. I guess I’ll buy this one too and give it to my parents for Christmas.

this works with a Mac? amazing lol


Apparently these are supported by “Linux 2.6 kernel and above”, according to Amazon’s technical details page for the “Clique HD PC / Mac Webcam - Color Red” (B000TTIP8Q).

tl;dr version: will everything be pitch black if I don’t have the sun in my room?

So many colors to chose from but you can only choose one. I want a green and a black.

Yes Jeffq, you are correct!

16 types of special effects with 10 types of photo frames and Face tracking
Up to 4x digital zoom
Supports video and audio recording

Sensor: True 1.3 megapixel CMOS
Lens: 5-layer antiglare optical

it does say supports video and audio?

you are a dark and dreary sole

Okay, so Amazon spec page says supports Linux but all I see on Hue’s page is XP and Mac support. Also audio is supported…SWEET!

The minute I saw these for tonight’s Woot… I started laughing. These look so funny 'but colorful! :happy:

Yeah that would have been a nice option. I would have liked a pink and black.

1.3 megapixel? my cellphone has a 2.0 haha

My first WOOT! I’ve been watching WOOT! for months, and this is my first woot! I wish we could have picked different colors, because I’d love to give one away as a gift, but no one I’d know would like the green as much as I!

He’s a fish?

Thanks for helping with my Christmas shopping, Woot!

in for 1